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In-house Seminars and Training

Leading Change

Managers play a key role in the change process and are responsible for essential tasks during implementation. In order to be prepared for these tasks, we offer various day-long seminar modules on the following topics, among others:

  • Leadership Communication
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership Balance

A Journey through the World of Change
Although change has long been part of a company’s normal course of business, the various aspects of change processes are often unclear to the key players involved. A one-day seminar takes participants on a (multimedia) journey to the most important “continents” of change, helping them prepare for upcoming change projects.


Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?
Being able to communicate a strategy is necessary for its implementation – and this requires more than a nice PowerPoint and pure numbers. The one-day seminar illustrates strategic communications on the basis of storytelling and personalization.


Business Model Innovation
How can the future viability of existing business models be checked? And how do radical new business models develop out of a structured approach? This one-day workshop provides a method for business model innovation and elaborates on the particulars using specific examples.