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"Jó reggelt! Berlini üzleti reggeli" – Creative thinking at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

On July 3th cc:langen invited partners and friends to the first Berlin Business Breakfast. The event focused on the topic of "Innovation" as an essential lever for constructive change in economics and society.

About 20 people – both driven by and drivers of innovation – met at the chilly rooms of the "Budapest Calling" in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin to collect ideas and to exchange experiences. Otmar Ehrl, guest speaker and president of the "Querdenker-Club", presented classical thoughts concerning innovation in his keynote speech. Furthermore, he pointed out current tendencies of innovation within organizations and companies. According to his presentation the megatrend of the sharing economy is of utmost importance: Frequently new interfaces arise bringing people together and thereby offer a fertile ground for innovation. Formats like Business Mash-ups or the Querdenker-Club's "Sell your Problem"-concept work accordingly.

A vivid discussion emerged when it came into question if employees, who think and act differently to others, could also be regarded as entrepreneurs within the enterprise according to the Positive Deviants approach and therefore, should be sought out: At Deutsche Bahn for example 850 Initiators were nominated to foster cultural change. Supported by an extra department for corporate culture those initiators promote innovation among employees throughout the company. Another example is provided by Bayer, the pharmaceutical company. With focus on diversity and cooperation across corporate boundaries several innovative projects have already been initiated and performed successfully.

In short, a number of different cultural approaches enhances the ability of companies to innovate whether it is a group of positive deviants or entrepreneurs, a high degree of diversity or Co-Creation-approaches beyond organizational borders.