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Barry French, Nokia Siemens Networks
Global Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, 
Executive Board Member

„When we launched Nokia Siemens Networks in 2006, Ralf was the lead advisor for us on strategic communications topics and integration communications. He and his team brought a lot of smart thinking and proven expertise to our integration process. I personally liked the way he combined intellectual clarity and hands-on mentality, with an absolute dedication to us as his client. We continued to work with Ralf after we launched NSN in 2007 for more than 4 years, moving from integration to re-organization topics and transformation activities with terrific success.”

Christof Sagasser, Vattenfall Europe AG
Mergers & Acquisitions

„Ende 2010 haben wir die neue europäische Strategie von Vattenfall kommuniziert, die Divestments in einigen europäischen Ländern beinhaltet, die nicht mehr zu unseren Kernmärkten gehören. Wir haben cc:langen, mit dem Inhaber Ralf Langen an der Spitze eines kleinen Teams, an Bord geholt, damit er uns bei den komplexen Transaktionen mit strategischer Kommunikation unterstützt. Und das hat cc:langen sehr professionell geleistet und eindrucksvoll gezeigt, wie gut die spezialiserte Beratung auf dem internationalen Parkett agieren kann.”

Anneli Karlstedt, Nokia Corporation (Helsinki)
Director Change Communications

„Ralf Langen is an excellent advisor for any large organization being confronted with substantial changes: he is good at strategizing, at orchestrating ambitious change programs on an international scale and also extremely good at turning these into action.”